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The BioVentures Institute Ltd. (Sp. z o.o.) is an innovation-driven molecular biotechnology company, conducting applied research, product development and production, utilizing advanced genetic engineering, molecular biology, biochemical and microbiological technologies as well as helping academic scientists to commercialize their developments through partnerships with our company. One of the major scientific focuses of the company is the development of new therapeutic antiviral therapies and active prevention methods against global infections, including HIV, HCV, and HPV, among others. Another avenue of our activity is the development of new genetic engineering tools for the scientific community and industry.

The company was started by an interactive team of scientists, representing complementary research experience and innovative business managers and investors. Company owners and board members include scientists with many years of academic and industrial experience in molecular biotechnology, who have published over 500 papers in highly recognized scientific journals and book chapters as well as registered international patents in the area of new genetic engineering methodology development, molecular cloning, gene modification and expression, protein engineering and biomedical applications. Our industrial experience includes over 15 years of work as research group leaders and research and development directors in USA and Poland-based molecular biotechnology companies. BioVentures Institute Ltd. business experts, who co-own the company, specialize in the organization of financing and commercialization of innovative business concepts/technologies. The team includes highly recognized specialists from the European Center of Financial Advisors Ltd. (ECDF Sp. z o.o.), who have received top positions in rankings by three independent entities: “The most successful advisory companies 2010” in the ‘Fundusze Europejskie’ journal, “Master of Business 2010” in the ‘Businessman’ journal and as the most successful advisory company in 2009 in the ‘Forbes’ journal.

As a continuously evolving company, we intend to make a vital contribution to the rapidly developing fields of biomolecular applications in medical, environmental and biological technologies and new research methods through our own solid scientific, R&D and product development expertise as well as our key partnerships and collaborations. Our many years of practical experience make us desirable R&D partners to bring new biomolecular technologies to the world’s scientific community and to the general market.

Research and Business Management Team

Professor dr hab. Piotr Skowron, president, CEO, co-founder and joint owner of the company. Graduated from the Faculty of Biology at the University of Gdansk, received a Ph.D. at the intercollegiate studies of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA) and University of Gdansk. Head of Molecular Biotechnology Department at the University of Gdansk, Institute for Environmental and Human Health Protection, Faculty of Chemistry. Has 25 years of international experience in biotechnology, including recombinant DNA technology and protein engineering. Employed 12 years in the U.S. biotechnology industry as a director and group leader of industrial research. Co-author of US patent, EU patent, three world patents and 72 industrial biotechnology projects including: the invention of a mini spin DNA purification format (yearly world revenues over 500 mln USD), new tools for DNA cleavage and modifications, ultra-toxic genes cloning, positive clones selection and representative genomic DNA libraries methodology, discovery of a bi-functional restriction endonucleases family enzymes. Concept creator and co-founder of 6 international biotechnology companies, the scientific and industrial consortium of the University of Gdansk-POCh S.A. and University of Gdansk-BioVentures Institute Ltd. Impact Factor app. 120; Index H=12.
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Professor dr hab. Grzegorz Węgrzyn, joint owner of the company. Research coordinator – worldwide recognized molecular biology scientist and expert; head of the Department of Molecular Biology and Department of Molecular Genetics at the University of Gdansk, vice-Chairman of the Gdansk University for Science. Scientific coordinator of the Molecular Biology Laboratory of the Polish Academy of Sciences at the University of Gdansk. Editor of numerous scientific journals: FEMS Microbiology Reviews, Plasmid, Microbial Cell Factories, Acta Biochimica Polonica. Awarded by the Minister of Science and Higher Education for scientific achievements. Co-author of a patent application (U.S. no. US8178609B2). Discoverer of: several replication mechanisms of stringent control plasmids, the ability of bacterial transcriptional activators to interact with RNA polymerase beta subunit, the bacterial biolunescescence role in the repairing of DNA, SeqA negative replication regulator also serving as a transcription factor, the RNA polyadenylation’s vital role in bacterial cells, a novel treatment for the lysosomal storage diseases and the biological function of Shiga-toxin, among others. Over 300 reviewed publications, Impact Factor app. 750, citation number: over 3000, Index H=30.
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Professor dr hab. Alicja Wiercińska-Drapało – worldwide recognized specialist in hepatology and AIDS, head of the Hepatology and AIDS Clinic in Warsaw, Poland. Head of Counseling for HIV-infected and AIDS patients, sept. of Bowel Diseases at the Medical University in Bialystok, Poland. Expert reviewing over 300 publications in peer reviewed international scientific journals and grant applications. Editorial head of HIV & AIDS Review, member of the Committee of Editors of the following international journals: Recent Patents on Endocrine Metabolic and Immune Drug Discovery, The Open Infectious Desease Journal. Awarded by the Minister of Health for scientific achievements in 2006, 2007, 2008 and for the contribution to the case of AIDS patients in 2008, 2009, 2010. Major contributor to studies on co-infection of HBV and HCV with HIV, the interdependence of the development of AIDS and the response to HAART therapy, the evaluation of new biomarkers in assessing the severity of clinical inflammatory bowel diseases, organ complications in HIV-infected patients undergoing antiretroviral therapy, new biomarkers for the cancer diagnosis in HIV-infected patients. Impact Factor app. 120; Index H = 8.
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dr Łukasz Janus – enzymatic applications specialist, industrial biotechnologist, obtained degree from Poznan University of Life Sciences (Poznan, Poland).
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Mariusz Kłobucki – owner and CEO of European Center for Financial Consultancy (listed as no 1 in Poland by Forbes, among others), responsible for the pre-incubation process as well as business development of the project.