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The National Centre for Research and Development grant TECHMATSTRATEG-III/0042/2019 (2020-2023) received by the Institute for Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine in partnership with BioVentures Institute: Biopolymer materials with chemically and genetically programmed heavy metal selectivity for new generation ultra-sensitive biosensors. Amount of funding: 4.5 mln Euro.

Our break-through recombinant DNA biotechnology for the construction of a new generation vaccines, biologics, biosimilars, industrial and environmental processes has been granted with European Union patent no EP 3 134 426 B1.

Patent EP 3 134 426 B1
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Detailed laboratory protocols, concerning the patented BioVentures Institute genetic engineering and protein functional programming, construction and biosynthesis technology have been published in the MethodsX international journal (MethodsX 7, 2020, 7:101070).

MethodsX international journal
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