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We Care

In BioVentures Institute we care about the environment and biodiversity loss. BioVentures Institute’s patented technology has a potentially high impact on environment monitoring, remediation and protection. As a continuation of Bioventures Institute’s cooperation with the Malaysian biotechnology holding, Revongen Corporation, the ClearWing Foundation for Biodiversity was founded ( The foundation was established by BioVentures Institute Chairman and CEO - professor Piotr Skowron and CEO of Revongen – Mr EL Law who appointed the Foundation Board: the Chairman, an Italian nature/documentary filmmaker – Mr Paolo Volponi and the Vice-chairman, a recognised entomologist – dr Marta Skowron Volponi. The foundation is actively pursuing biodiversity exploration and protection, which has resulted, among others, in the discovery of 5 new clearwing moth species in Malaysia and Thailand, as well as a rediscovery of a metallic blue Asian clearwing moth species, which was considered extinct for 130 years.

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