Cooperation with University of Gdansk and New England Biolabs Ltd. (USA)

BioVentures InstituteSp. z o.o. continues a long term cooperation with University of Gdansk and New England Biolabs Ltd. (USA), a world leader in the development and sales of enzymatic tools for recombinant DNA technologies. Our common project in the field of restriction endonucleases has resulted in solving a longstanding riddle of two RM.TaqII specificities, discovering a third RM system (RM.TaqIII) from T. aquaticus YT-1. Results were published in a high Impact Factor (10.2) journal – Nucleic Acid Research 2017, DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkx599. Among the authors is a Nobel Prize Nominee – prof. Richard Roberts..

The third restriction–modification syste
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